Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ocho Cinco al D.C. ... Bueno o malo?

First off, I'm sorry. You know I don't speak Spanish.

So here is the predicament we are in: superstar receiver Chad Johnson is miserable in Cincinnati. His relationship with his head coach has been described as "irreparable". He is a phenomenal player, but a hot head and a whiner at the same time. When he's not happy, everyone knows it. If he's not getting his catches, his face time on TV, his touchdowns, and his wins, he's going to speak up and lash out. He wants to come to the Redskins.

[ESPN Fantasy] News: The Redskins are interested in trading for Johnson, with several sources indicating that Johnson would be eager to go to Washington, the Washington Post reports.

Spin: With Johnson having expressed his displeasure with the Bengals organization and Daniel Snyder indicating he's in the hunt for an elite receiver, the two may be a perfect fit for each other. Although his competition for catches wouldn't be that tough, there's no quarterback with the track record of Carson Palmer in Washington, and it's hard to replicate Cincinnati's success in throwing the ball. At least if he did go here, new coach Jim Zorn probably favors the passing game more than former coach Joe Gibbs.

I'm wondering why 8-5 wants to come here so badly. I'm sure he wants to get paid. Snyder is known for paying top dollar. He might think he can turn our passing game around. He would definitely be our best target, no offense to Chris Cooley. I don't know much about Zorn, but I know the Seahawks never had a flashy guy like Chad to deal with. Who knows how he would cope with it? And how are we going to make room under the salary cap?

With the new spread offense, the 'Skins will be passing the ball a lot more. But as I've said, we don't really have a quarterback suited for this kind of scheme. Maybe Campbell will prove me wrong. And I hope he does. But so far, I haven't seen much promise for the future from him.

Guess we just keep an eye on the rumor mill and see what plays out.

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