Monday, February 18, 2008

This Weekend in Sports

All sorts of goings ons this weekend. Some good, some bad.

NBA All-Star weekend gave us good show (go East). More exciting, though, was the dunk competition. Unfortunately, I missed it live and could only catch highlights. What I saw was a new age in dunking, although the best dunk wasn't actually a dunk.

Between that, Dwight Howard's alley oop off the rear glass, and Gerald Green blowing out a candle on a cupcake sitting on the rim, you couldn't ask for much more in a dunk competition.

In lesser news, my Hokies got absolutely embarrassed in Chapel Hill. I understand we're young. We're inconsistent. But up until this point, we've had a lot of heart. We have been competitive in every game we've played. Even against Duke, who beat us pretty handily, we didn't give up. At UNC, we lost the moment we lost the opening tip-off. The Tar Heels went on a quick run to open the scoring and never looked back. Worst loss in the Greenberg era by far. No one expected us to win. But after UNC went to double OT against Clemson and then needed a prayer to beat ACC cellar dwelling UVA by a point, I didn't expect it to be like this. The way he have played in our last three losses, it's astonishing that we won five ACC games already.

I'll be in College Park on Wednesday to see the game live, thanks to a good friend being giving with his season tickets.

Meanwhile, in the NFL...

The Combine is coming up. VT has more guys at the Combine than ever before. Hopefully, they will all make the most of this opportunity to up their draft stock considerably. For those not in the know, the NFL Combine is a skills exhibition for college football players hoping to get drafted in April.

The Redskins completed their coaching staff this weekend as well, but still need to make significant roster changes to meet cap requirements. Elsewhere in the league, big time players are getting cut left and right. Most notably, the Falcons (Gandy, Crumpler, Leftwich) and the Dolphins (Zach Thomas, T. Green). The pink slips are going to be flying around for awhile.

Straying from sports, I hope I don't catch this death bug everyone is getting. Worst flu outbreak I've ever seen. Rumor has it, Maryland canceled classes last week because there weren't enough students healthy enough to attend. Make sure you take your Vitamin C.

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